The Cadbury Research Library

For our Heritage Lottery project we were indebted to Sue Worrall and her team at the Cadbury Research Library for being our Heritage Partner during the year long project. Our project team consisting of young volunteers and YMCA staff paid three research visits during the year where they were given full access to the national archives of the YMCA held at the University. 

During our visits we were supported by archivist Mark Eccleston and his team who showed the project team how historical paperwork was both restored and stored as well as guiding us around the vast National YMCA Archive. It was during these research visits that a member of the team from reading the actual records established that James Kirkby Riggall formed the first ever branch of the YMCA in Grimsby in 1892 instead of 1906 as previously thought.

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The Cadbury Research Library, located in the Muirhead Tower, is the home of the Special Collections and Archives at the University of Birmingham. The archive consists of approximately 200,000 rare books dating back to 1471 and some 4 million manuscripts. Get directions and opening hours information.

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