Explore the last 134 years of the YMCA in the Humber through our stories…

The Foundation Years

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From it’s foundation in 1882 to just before WWI.  How did it all come about?

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World War I

Find out more about the role of the YMCA both locally and nationally during World War I.

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Between the Wars

PEACE 1919After WW I there were changes happening throughout YMCA in the area

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World War II

The YMCA had a significant role in in the local area during World War II

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The Post War years

Riby Square Hostel
Seamen’s Mission – Site of the present day Foyer

What did peace have in store for the YMCA and the local area?

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The 70's to the present day

After the opening of our Peaks Lane Hostel (Pictured above) came new challenges in the shape of the Foyer & Community House

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The Future

Architects Drawing of Trinity Campus which will be built adjacent to and will replace the existing hostel.

So what does the 21st Century hold for the YMCA

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The Buildings

1999 May (13)
Learn about the history of YMCA Humber through the development of the buildings.

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Cadbury Research Library

The official Heritage Partner of the YMCA – A Rich History Project

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