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Researching history is traditionally something that you do by going to a library and reading books or old newspapers. Boring!! I hear many of you shout reading this. That is something that we can’t deny, so the question is how do we make history more appealing and also make sure that we include the human element? The answer to this is simple. Through Heritage Lottery funding beginning in October 2013 the YMCA – A Rich History project team carried out research visits to local, regional and national museums and archives to help them evidence the facts and stories recorded on this website. They also found a rich body of evidence from conducting oral interviews, recording and writing down the stories that many individuals connected with the YMCA locally held in their memories.

Even though our project ended in October 2016 the team are still appealing to anybody out there to talk to us about any stories that are in your family about the YMCA in the Grimsby and Cleethorpes area. The team would love to hear from you. What will continue to make this website extra special and allow the rich history of our organisation to be further evidenced and recorded are further pictures, newspaper clippings, awards, documents, etc. that you might have hidden away. So please take some time and help to make our Rich History even richer by sending us information or contacting us at or by phone on 01472 359621. We can also be contacted at the address below:

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